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Fort Road Victory Church is located at 13470 Fort Road, Edmonton, AB, Canada T5A 1C5. A map to our location can be found here.

Our Sunday service begins at 10:00 AM

Word from the Pastor


Pastor Paul PhotoI think one of the hardest assignments we have as believers is this task we call Evangelism. Matt. 28:19 says, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations”. In an ideal situation, we want the lost and the unsaved to come strolling into our church. Post Modern Theologians and 21st century Evangelists give us the 5 steps to being effective at evangelism. We’re advised to cater our worship services to make them comfortable for them. Keep the music relevant. Stick to an hour long service. Talk about how to be a better person. Tithing is Old Testament. Don’t dwell on topics that point out sin. In a society where the need and desire for church is not prevalent and declining, the challenge to make disciples in these last days is real. The church has been plagued with ‘hate message’ stereotypes for too long so we are tempted to soften the message. I say be careful. Softening the message so you’re not rejected is not the goal of evangelism. Though I understand the goal is to love people into the kingdom, we cannot dilute the message of a Holy God who is both loving and just. There is an end to sin. It’s called judgment. Our goal is to engage the lost and stir that spirit that is seeking something more eternal in life. We need to remember that we were once lost ourselves. Someone saw our need for a Savior. Doesn’t that move you. If you walked into a stranger’s apartment building on fire and knew there were children that were going to die would you run out and say “well, that’s not my kids”. I would hope you would help. Now obviously, Evangelism is a bit different in that, it is the work of the Holy Spirit to save them, not you. But you do have a responsibility to partner with God who does use us to accomplish this task of sharing the love of a Holy God to ones who are on their way to complete separation from Him. My prayer is that you would value the lost as God values the lost. That truly is the first step in fulfilling the Great Commission.
    -Pastor Paul Militsala


Upcoming Sermons and Events


  • February 1: Communion
  • February 8: "How can we feed you today?"
  • February 15: "... and then there was church"
  • February 22: "... and then church went viral"
  • March 1: Commuion Sunday
  • March 8: "#oneanother #onedirection #humility"
  • March 15: "#oneanother #onedirection #gentleness" with Leina DeBoer
  • March 22: "#oneanother #onedirection #patience" with Jason DeBoer
  • March 29: "#oneanother #onedirection #caretoshare" with PAstror Shelly Militsala
  • April 5: Communion




Club Kidz


We meet every Friday at 7-9pm. Please come and join us for a fun filled time together. Club Kidz is a place for you to make new friends and spend time with old friends. Food, Games, Lots of friends and fun for Ages 5-12.

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