Reach, Teach, Mobilize

Our mission is to lead people into an encounter with Jesus Christ by welcoming, informing, and serving our guests. Through our actions and interactions with our guests, we display the love of Jesus and create an atmosphere that unchurched people love to be a part of

Cultural Values

Humility: We know that we are on a journey and we fall short daily. We are not afraid to share where we are at with others. But we know that it is through Christ by grace that we strive to become who He created us to be. 

” No perfect people “

Selflessness: We put our personal agendas aside to help others get ahead. Our focus is on what we can give rather than on what we hope to receive.

” What ELSE can I do?  “

Generosity: Christ gave it all, to model a life of generosity, so His example sets the standard for our lives. Therefore, we strive to ask: what more can we give?

” It’s not ours “

Excellence: We give our best because we have someone to share, not because we have something to gain. 

” God deserves best “

Our Volunteers are


  • They are consistent with attendance and arrive prepared to serve 30 minutes before service starts.
  • Think about guests over personal agendas or preferences.


  • If there is a need (ie. garbage on the floor) each Guest Service volunteer will look for that need and meet it, even if it isn’t on their to-do list that day.
  • Prepared to guide guests towards the right people to be connected with the Church and get the information they need.

Atmosphere Setters:

  • God deserves the best and that includes our attitudes. Our volunteers exemplify the joy of serving God.
  • Volunteers provide the “WOW” welcome experience! We want to always exceed the expectations of our guests with hospitality.
  • With actions! All volunteers are welcoming. They smile, make eye contact, and serve with passion, excitement, and anticipation of what God is going to do through them.