Every Sunday is Someone’s First Day

Our mission is to lead people into an encounter with Jesus Christ by welcoming, informing, and serving our guests. Through our actions and interactions with our guests, we display the love of Jesus and create an atmosphere that unchurched people love to be a part of


How do you follow up with first-time guests?

Some first-time guests wish to remain anonymous. We respect that desire, and therefore it is not always possible to follow up with first-time guests. Our strategy is to create a welcoming environment where first-time guests will want to return and learn more about having a relationship with Jesus. Other times, we are able to gather information about a first-time guest. In this case, we follow up with a phone call or text to thank them for attending our church and inviting them to return.


Send the first-time guest to frvc.ca/guestcard to fill out a guest card and then offer them a free drink from Jacobs Well.

How do you handle restless children during the worship service?

We have a children’s service during the 9am service that we hope parents take their children to.

That is not always possible for a variety of reasons. When parents enter the main Auditorium for the adult worship environment with children, we politely encourage them to sit toward the back of the Auditorium, at the end of a row, so they may slip out easily if any of their children become noisy or restless.

Our ushers help with this. On occasions when a child does become disruptive, we try to handle the situation as quickly and as delicately as possible. We want to be sensitive to the family, but also protect the environment and limit distractions.

What is the time commitment for your volunteers?

We ask that anyone serving on Guest Services commit to at least 2 services per month, preferably serving in both services (9am and 11am).


We also ask that volunteers arrive 30 minutes before the service(s) they are serving at.

Do your volunteers wear lanyards?

Yes. Each one of our volunteers wear Guest Services lanyards so that they are easily recognizable.