History & Beliefs

We are a thriving multicultural apostolic church located in the heart of northeast Edmonton. Fort Road Victory Church (FRVC) is part of Victory Churches.

Our Mission/Vision

Our Mission is to Reach Teach and Mobilize. So because of that It is our conviction that every church should do everything using every gift within its grasp to "Reach" every person possible with the gospel. We then believe it is of the utmost importance to "Teach" that person the principles of the Christian walk. We then endeavor to "Mobilize" that person to repeat the cycle.

We feel there needs to be a fresh revelation in these days for the restoring of the New Testament Church. It was God's plan for the Church to fulfil the Great Commission by going into all the world to preach the gospel.

This takes willing hearts, but it also takes training. We believe that we must take the steps necessary to make room for the growth of our ministry, the training of its partners and the release of ministries from it. We have committed ourselves to this task. With God's blessing, it will become a reality.


(1994) Victory Church on the Rock, Northeast is founded in Northeast Edmonton, in the Belvedere district.

(1999) VCOTRNE expands and moves North to 134th Avenue and Fort Road.

(2007) After much prayer, we transitioned across the street into the former Edmonton Christian School Northeast Campus. During the initial renovations, plans were also underway to rename the church, becoming Fort Road Victory Church, at 13470 Fort Road.

Our Beliefs


In one true and living God externally existing and revealed to us as the Father, creator of all living things; the son, Jesus Christ, God incarnate; and the Holy Spirit.


In the deity of Jesus Christ, His virgin birth, death for our sins, bodily resurrection, ascension under God, and imminent return in power and glory.

Holy Spirit

In the ministry of the Holy Spirit:

a. By the inward witness of salvation to the believer.

b. By daily guidance and growth of Christ-like character.

c. By the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and experience distinct from and following the new birth, evidenced initially by speaking with other tongues, and subsequently by the manifestation of spiritual power in the public testimony and service.

d. By the manifestation of the supernatural gifts of the Spirit as listed in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10.


That men are saved solely through faith in God’s grace as displayed in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


In water baptism as a public declaration that a believer has died with Christ and risen with Him to walk a life of holiness and love.


The scriptures are the inspired and complete revelation of God’s will concerning man’s salvation through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.


That Jesus Christ is coming again to gather all His saints unto Himself. Those who have not accepted His redemptive work on their behalf will suffer separation from the Godhead eternally.


In the unity of all true believers as members of the universal body of Christ regardless of denominational affiliation.


In the celebration of the Lord’s Supper as a remembrance of Jesus.

End Times

That following His return, Jesus Christ will rule and reign for one thousand years on earth. After this, there will be a new heaven and a new earth.

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